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Vietnam Exhibition - 3D Printing Technology Expo Vietnam

3D Printing Technology Expo Vietnam

3D Printing Technology Expo Vietnam

The International Exhibition & Conference on 3D printing Technology in Vietnam

26 − 28 June, 2019


Exhibit Profile

3D printing equipment

3D printer
3D laser scanning machine
3D laser engraving machine
3D measurement instrument
3D cameras
Coordinate measuring machines (CMM)

3D printing software

3D design systems
3D photogrammetry software
3D detection software
Reverse engineering software
Printing software

3D printing material

Photosensitive resin
Plastic powder (nylon, nylon powder, carbon fiber, nylon powder, Peek materials, polyether ether ketone materials...)
Metal powders (die steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, iron nickel alloy)

3D print service

Modeling and printing services
Measurement and scanning services
Design and customization services

3D printing accessories

Supplies wiredrawing machine
Extruder, stepper motor, belt, roller,...
related accessories

Visitor Profile

Artists & Makers
Automotive Professionals
Aviation Innovators
Fashion & Jewelry Designers
Food Professionals
Industrial Designers
Inventors & Technologists
Investors & Entrepreneurs
Manufacturers & Prototype Specialists
Medical, Dental, & Prosthetic Specialists
Plastics & Metal Engineers
Software Developers

Participation Fee

Shell Scheme

For businesses looking to save time and construction cost


⸱ minimum 9m2

Participation fee: 285USD


Side dividing partition in white laminated panel (height 2.5m) x 2

Rear dividing partition in white laminated panel (height 2.5m) x 1

Fascia board with company name & booth number x 1

Needle punch carpet

Fluorescent tube light (40w) x 2

Information counter x 1

Folding chair x 2

Power point (5amp, single phase) x 1

Waste basket x 1

Raw space

For businesses looking to have their own branding shell concept


⸱ minimum 18m2

Participation fee: 285USD