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Exhibiting at an Event – A proven way to grow your business

Why Exhibit?

  1. To develop beneficial trade exchange gaining by successful direct meetings at the fair
  2. To obtain desirable objectives
  3. To seek for new distributors, retailers, suppliers
  4. To meet up with current customers and potential customers
  5. To penetrate into new markets
  6. To experience new markets and evaluate its potential
  7. To introduce new range of product
  8. To collect information and analyze your current and potential competitors

Tips for success:

  1. Set your objectives for attending the exhibition e.g. sales leads, to launch a new product, to develop a new customer database
  2. Ensure your stand design reflects these objectives
  3. Always read the respond to deadlines and information in the show’s Exhibition Manual
  4. Book services such as electrics well in advance to obtain early booking discounts
  5. Remember to use the press and other marketing opportunities to promote your company in the lead-up to the show
  6. Book all of your travel and accommodation requirements well in advance
  1. Brief and train the staff who will be working on your stand
  2. Put together your ‘Exhibitor Tool Kit’ for emergencies
  3. Follow up all qualified leads as soon as you return from the show
  4. Analyze how well your company has performed at the show to calculate your return on investment in the event.