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Exhibitions Abroad - Aqua Fisheries Cambodia

Aqua Fisheries Cambodia Expo 2017


Time:  2 - 4 August 2017

Venue: Phnom Penh Hotel, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Cambodia is home to some of the world’s most intensive freshwater fisheries. The 2.6 million tonnes of fish caught annually in the Mekong basin represent seven times more than the catch of North American inland fisheries and more than 10 times the entire fish catch in Australia. Fish production in Cambodia is three times as big as the country’s pig production and 20 times bigger than its chicken production. Most Cambodians rely on fish as a source of affordable protein.

Download Brochure Aqua Fisheries Cambodia 2017 

Exhibitor Profile:


Frozen, salted, smoked, dried, surimi, sea vegetables, processed products (sea salt, sushi, fried, canned food, natural seasoning)

Fisheries Equipment

Seafood processing machinery, fishing gear, fishing nets, fishing vessel equipment, Aquaculture facilities, HACCP facilities

Marine Biotechnology

Marine bio new materials, high functional materials made with veterinary and marine life, cosmetics, health functional products, feed for aquiculture, fish medication, research achievements, marine resources application products

Fishing Articles

Fishing pole, fishing line, fishing reel, fish hook, float, bait fishing articles, paste bait, stand, fishing clothes, etc

Other business line concerned serving the seafood industry, institute, quality control

Visitor Profile

• Traders

• Exporters

• Wholesalers

• Retailers

• Brokers

• Progressive farmers, farm managers and breeders

• Aquaculture entrepreneurs and fish farmers

• Technologist and technology providers

• Professionals in aquaculture and fishing industry

• Industry executives and cooperate heads

• Veterinary and animal health specialists

• Agriculture

• Catering service and restaurant

• Development agencies

• Governments' officials, association, institute, university

• Other industries in association with aquaculture and fisheries

• Media

Participation fee

Option 1: Raw Space @ USD 280 per sqm (minimum 18 sqm)

Ideal for exhibitors who wish to build their own concepts

Option 2: Shell Scheme @ USD 2810 (minimum 9 sqm)

Wall partition of 2.5m height in white laminated panel

Fascia board with company name and booth number

Needle punch carpet

1 x information counter

2 x folding chair

1 x single phase power point

2 x 40W flourrscent tube

Daily cleaning


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